Gujarat Govt grants bail to Hardik Patel in sedation case, must stay out of Gujarat

July 8, 2016 9:13 pm
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Hardik Patel, accused of sedition by the Gujarat government can leave jail, but must stay out of his home state for six months. The Gujarat High court accepted Mr Patel’s request for bail.  

Hardik Patel was arrested and imprisoned in a jail in Surat after he let a huge revolt of the powerful Patidar. 

The twenty-two-year-old who wielded a sword at a public meeting that drew a huge audience said Patidars must be entitled to reserved government jobs and seats in colleges. 

Patel’s arrest was followed by large-scale arson and violence by his supporters in some of Gujarat’s biggest towns. He assured the court once he is freed, he will continue his agitation peacefully.

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