On Cam: Video clip spots Rajasthan MLA’s son drinking before ramming his BMW

July 8, 2016 8:56 pm
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Through a series of CCTV video clips, the Rajasthan police are trying to piece together a case against Siddharth Maharia, the son of Rajasthan MLA, who killed three persons while driving his BMW in a drunken state. In a CCTV footage the three young men including Siddharth are seen drinking at a bar. The time is 12.30 am on July 2. They had allegedly been bar-hopping since 6.15 pm. The same men, along with a fourth, are next seen walking to a hotel porch and getting into a car. Siddharth is the young man seen in the video getting into the driver’s seat, according to the police.

Less than two hours later, the car, a BMW, careened down a road at breakneck speed and rammed an auto-rickshaw, killing three persons on the spot. Witnesses say the auto-rickshaw was flung around 200 feet in the air.

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