Barkha Dutt’s FB page comments are also unkind

July 28, 2016 12:36 pm
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On Wednesday, Barkha Dutt had accused Editor-In-Chief of Times Now channel Arnab Goswami of demeaning the dignity of journalism. On her facebook page Barkha had written “Times Now calls for gagging of media & for journalists to be tried &punished. This man is journalist?I am ashamed to be from same industry as him. Immediately, the social media went viral questioning her integrity and ethics. She was reminded of how the Times of India journalist Sabina Sehgal Saikia got killed minutes after Barkha Dutt asked her to disclose her location live on television during 26/11. Dutt’s Facebook post received 1 million plus reach, but baring a few all of them against Dutt. Barkha who had said it was a shame to be in the same fraternity has failed to answer or acknowledge the comments. Most of them had asked Dutt why did she react when Arnab did not name anyone and her reaction has only affirmed that #ProPakDovesSilent was a reference to people like Barkha Dutt.


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