Kalki Koechlin speaks up her mind, says ‘Sex is better in my thirties

August 12, 2016 2:19 pm
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Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin speaks up her mind, says ‘Sex is better in my thirties’ is known to be one of those people who have been able to take artsy theater and commercial movies both in their stride. The 32-year-old actress recently chose to speak freely during an interview and said that she feels like an old lady. She further talked about her sex life which is still considered a taboo in our Indian society.

The actress said “Sex is better in my thirties; I’m less inhibited with my body. In your twenties, you’re very worried about how people perceive you. I’ve become more selfish in bed now. And I’m much fussier (about partners), my bullshit tolerance is a lot less. I don’t just like someone because they like me, which was the case usually. As you get older, you’re just grateful to be getting some.”

Thankfully, Kalki isn’t the one to conform and this is the reason why we love her!

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