Novelist files copyright issue against ‘Sairat’ makers

August 26, 2016 7:16 pm
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Marathi blockbuster film Sairat which got accolades from all quarters has enter the world of copyright. A Navi Mumbai court has ordered the Kamotha police to investigate complaints of copyright infringement filed by author Navnath Mane. According to the petitioner, Sairat is a rip-off of his novel, Bobhata. The police has to submit a report by September 30 in this case.

Reportedly, the plot of Sairat is very similar to Bobhata that released in 2010. Bobhata means ruckus while Sairat means frenzy. Mane learnt about Sairat through friends who said they felt it was based on his book. The difference was in the book the hero was from a rich background while it is the girl in Sairat.

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