20 plus complaints against Vishal Dadlani over his tweets on Jain monk

August 29, 2016 7:56 pm
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Only music composer Vishal Dadlani knows why he tweeted nonsense for Jain monk and religious leader Tarun Sagar. But now he surely knows that his tweets have landed him into hot controversy soup.

Vishal Dadlani’s sarcastic tweet on Muni Tarun Sagar’s nude appearance in Vidhan Sabha sparked nationwide outrage, with at least 27 reported police complaints filed against him. Dadlani’s tweet had a graphic card, that was already doing rounds on social media, with Tarun Sagar’s photo, clicked during his speech in the Haryana Assembly, and had ‘Monkery of Democracy written. Adding fume he captioned the pic “If you voted for these people, YOU are responsible for this absurd nonsense! No #AchcheDin, just #NoKachcheDin.”

Soon after this tweet, Dadlani was widely criticised for his views that’s when Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had to intervene and apologized for his party worker. However, Dadlani also apologized from his tweets he later decided to quit from all political duties.

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