Anna warns agitation against Kejriwal

September 8, 2016 5:38 pm
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The agitation for Lokpal bill had brought them together but soon Anna was seen distancing himself as he realised that Arvind Kejriwal was not abiding his tenets and rest is history. Hazare on Wednesday, announced that he would start an agitation against his one-time most trusted colleague. Hazare said he did not have doubts about Kejriwal’s character. He said, “But his reputation has been damaged because of the people he took in his party to win power. If he wishes to win over the confidence of people again, he should give up power and serve the nation again. However, Anna has slammed Kejriwal over selecting wrong people in his team, he said, “Had Kejriwal selected people of good character in his party, he would not have faced this problem,”.

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