Man puts ‘unsympathetic’ wife up for sale on eBay in UK

September 14, 2016 8:33 pm
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A 33-year-old man in the UK has put his wife up for sale on eBay after he claimed she has been “unsympathetic” while was keeping unwell following which the bids hit a whopping 65,880 pounds. Simon O’Kane from Wakefield, Yorkshire posted a picture of his wife Leandra, 27, on the auction site eBay last week alongside an advertisement entitled “used wife” detailing his reasons for selling her and the pros and cons of the “purchase”.
He has highlighted her decent bodywork and skills in the kitchen. According to the UK Daily, the bids have already hit 65,880 pounds within two days. The post, which reads: “For sale one wife. Not new has been used but still got some good miles left in her. The reason for selling… I’ve had my fill and feel like there has to be someone me (oh dear God please let there be).

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