Ladakh Monasteries Pulsate With Spiritualism As Naropa Fest Gets Underway

September 16, 2016 9:06 pm
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The Naropa Festival is in full swing. Monasteries in Ladakh are swarming with devotees and tourists alike and resonating with prayers, music, and dance. The festival is centred in and around Hemis Gompa , the largest monastery of its kind. It belongs to the Drukpa Kagyu order and is a living hub of Tibetan Buddhism. Hemis Monastery resides in the hearts of Buddhists, especially those belonging to the Drukpa Kagyu order. Nothing in the region can match its size, architectural beauty and calm effect on the mind. The King of Ladakh, Singey Namgail, who was himself an architect, had designed the shrine. It’s in this courtyard where dances take place during festivals and other religious occasions. The monastery also has some mesmerising wall paintings of Sakyamuni and paintings of Tantric deities. On this occasion, Ladakh provides a visual feast wherever eyes can take you.

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