Pilgrims, tourists throng Leh for Naropa Festival

September 16, 2016 9:09 pm
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The air is charged with excitement in this Himalayan town, currently a splash of colour, as pilgrims, devotees and tourists begin to assemble for the month-long Naropa Festival in celebration of the life and teachings of the eponymous Master of Tibetan Buddhism.
Celebrated after a cycle of 12 years, the festival is known as the “Kumbh Mela” of the
This year’s Naropa Festival is the biggest showcase by the Drukpa Line of Tibetan Buddhism headed by His Holiness the Gyalwang Druka.
Though Naropa is revered by all Tibetan Buddhists, the 11th century Indian scholar-saint has a special position in the Drukpa line.
It follows the Mahayana Buddhist philosophy with its core idea being “enlightenment for the benefit of others.”
After attaining enlightenment, it’s said, he was offered Six Bone Ornaments by Dakinis. These ornaments, thought to be among the most famous Buddhist relics, and would be worn by His Holiness on this occasions.

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