Terrence Lewis ‘Devotion to Love’ at Naropa 2016

September 26, 2016 1:04 pm
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Terence Lewis –master choreographer & the Indian guru of contemporary dance, creates the glamour with his high end stage performance at Naropa.
The ‘Devotion of Love’ opens to a beautiful trio from the shores of the south with the classic Bharatnatyam.
Raw power then kicks in with a journey to southern India, bringing to the stage the ancient Indian Martial art form- the Kallaripayetu.
The beautiful courtesans in their traditional finery perform the classical Kathak, as Mumtaaz dances for her love just one last time.
Then the audience tastes the flavour of the Indian folk from the shimmering sands of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
The next stop over is the vibrant North .From the land of the Sind he brings the Bhangra, teaching you to Balle Balle.

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