The eight symbols of auspiciousness in Buddhism

September 26, 2016 1:02 pm
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If you are in Ladakh, embodies the wonderful wish for the things to go smoothly on your physical and spiritual journey and keep on hearing the word ‘Auspicious’. Among many relics and believes surrounding the Buddhism, Ladakh and Naropa, the eight symbol of Auspiciousness can be seen throughout the region, adorning everything from murals, to doorways, to scarves. They are the celebrated and beloved symbols, with many dimensions of meaning. These symbols give every human being a hope for a better life and inner peace.

Symbols like Precious Umbrella and Golden Fish, guide us to live fearlessly without any danger of
drowning in the oceans of sufferings and protection of beings in all the realms in both present and future.
The Golden Wheel signifies the auspiciousness of the turning of the precious wheel of Buddha’s doctrine. Whilst, Conch Shell teaches us that we should achieve the Dharma Jewel, the realizations of the stages of the path, within our mind. On the same path, their Victory Banner denotes the victory of the Buddha’s teachings over ignorance, death, disharmony and all the negativity of this present world.

Also known as the Ashtamangala, other symbols include Vase of Treasure and Lotus Flower represents endless rain of prosperity, longevity and complete purification of defilements from, speech and mind.
Not mandatory to put all these signs together, the Endless Knot is the last symbol which is a geometric diagram and signifies the nature of reality where everything is interconnected.

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