US refuses to call Pakistan a ‘terrorist’ country

October 7, 2016 5:31 pm
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The United States of America on Friday today has said will not declare Pakistan a ‘terrorist state’ but will continue to work with the governments in the region to eliminate safe havens which also pose a threat to India. This has come at a time when America is going to face presidential polls. State Department spokesperson John Kirby, however, expressed confidence that Pakistan has kept nuclear arsenals safe from terrorists. This is not new as US had been taking such stance since years. Asked if the government would support a bill in the Congress and an online petition that the US should declare Pakistan a ‘terrorist state’, Kirby at his daily press briefing said: “I have not seen anything specifically about the such a bill, and obviously we don’t.” One hand America says they it condemns terrorism, on the other hand it says US wants India and Pakistan to resolve their differences which is quite contrary to each other.  

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