Ever imagined how many kilometres Sachin Tendulkar ran for his runs? Here’s the answer

October 8, 2016 7:19 pm
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Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, the man loved by millions across the globe during an event talked about how cricket have evolved over the years and that current cricketers are more aware of what their body needs and what regime to follow.

The Maestro gave insight on how things were different back in the early 90s, in terms of training and infrastructure as well as eating habits.
But for Tendulkar running made a huge impact on his 24- year long career and according to reports, if boundaries are removed from all the runs he has scored, Sachin ran 353 km to collect run through between the wickets.
He also revealed that the one aspect of cricket, which seemed like “a bit of torture” was fielding. But he said, there can’t be any excuse, and he “used to spend as much time on the field as possible.
The legend retired after scoring 34357 international runs in 2013. But his aura remains forever.

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