How Priyanka’s T shirt quote irks Twitter

October 11, 2016 2:57 pm
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Commonly termed as politically correct, Priyanka Chopra has landed herself in a controversy… Quantico star’s T-Shirt for a travel magazine cover lands her in trouble; Twitterati tags her as ‘insensitive’.

Of the four words on the T-shirt, three; refugee, immigrant, outsider, feature a red strikeout and the fourth, traveller, has been left as is. Its suggests that she is not a refugee, immigrant or an outsider but a traveller. The quote has been deemed as insensitive and the Quantico actress has been receiving flak for showing off her privilege and being insensitive towards refugees and immigrants.

However, a few suggests that a refugee, an immigrant or an outsider should be simply called ‘travellers’. So what are your views? Do share in the comments sections below.

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