Anger, obsession led to murder of perfumer Monika in Goa

October 12, 2016 5:49 pm
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The murder accused of perfumer Monika Ghurde has confessed to sexually abusing her before strangling her and choking her with a pillow. Ms Ghurde, 39, was found dead, tied to her bed in Goa’s Sangolda village on October 5.

The accused 21-year-old Rajkumar Singh told police that he was attracted towards Monika since the day she inquired about availability of a flat in the complex and later followed her movements when she started residing there. He has told the investigating officer that for two days he took refuge on the terrace of the building where Monika lived. Yet another reason the accused cited for committing this murder as he was angry with Monika since he lost his job at the complex after complaints from her.

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