Crocodile rescued from bathroom in Vadodara

October 17, 2016 8:34 pm
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Imagine one morning you get up and head towards your bathroom to carry out your usual business but unlike normal morning, this time, you find a crocodile using your washroom. That would freshen you up better than cold water shower in chilly winter.

Sumitra Patel, a resident of Jaynarayan Nagar in Vadodara faced a similar situation when her neighbour saw a crocodile resting in the bathroom. Narendra Vasava couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a crocodile just a few feet away from his house.

Narendra immediately alerted other neighbours and Fire Brigade who rushed to the spot with animal activists. The crocodile was rescued and taken away to its centre by forest officials.

According to animal activist, the reptile may have come out of storm water drainage neat the colony.

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