Chinese robot reporter finishes article in seconds

January 19, 2017 5:37 pm
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When we muse about AI, the usual conclusion is that machines will become self-reliant or for instance robot, we worry that, like Transformers, they will be dangerous machines…But what if they replace humans and steal our jobs, not just dirty ones, or on assembly lines, but more of replacing knowledge workers like doctors, lawyers or for this instance job of a journalist.
With how the advancement of tech moving at the speed of light, it’s only matter of time they snack on our employment all the way up to the food chain until there is nothing left for us to do. Today’s machine are smarter, more adaptable and more aware of the world, its patterns and its rules.
Like the robot reporter that made its debut in China who completed the first 300 character long article within seconds and the robot is able to write both short and long reports.
However the robot cannot come close to human counterpart when it comes to conducting interviews, follow-up questions and select news angle from an interview. For now they are here to help us do better work and provide significant support but in future who knows.

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