Major Bust: China can fake everything even ‘Food’ products

January 19, 2017 5:32 pm
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China is known for producing fake goods, the list of counterfeit products are endless, it’s like they can fake almost everything from iPhones to Air Jordan’s and now even food goods are included in the list as condiments and seasonings that people sprinkle on their food.
Authorities in northern China have busted several underground factories that were producing counterfeit versions of products like soy sauce and spice mix. The report revealed that products were falsely labelled as popular brands such as Nestle and Knorr.
Ingredients for the fake food seasonings include tap water and industrial-grade salt, which is banned from human consumption and factories also bought spices and herbs that had already been used.
The products, which are well-known in China and across Asia, are thought to have been sold by lower level wholesalers for consumption in restaurants, and also by smaller supermarkets.

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